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BodyTree Gym is proud and excited to host Mikael Kristiansen for his first ever Singapore hand-balancing workshop in Sep 2018!

Mikael Kristiansen is a professional circus artist specialising in hand-balancing, and has performed in front of international audiences worldwide. His physical journey started with martial arts...read more.

Mikael will be conducting 2 separate 2-day workshops 15-16 September to cater to the different practitioner levels.


Gymnastic Fitness


By BodyTree Gym

We are excited to help you create your new life of strength and excellence. Our system of training takes students of all levels and builds them into some of the strongest, most powerful athletes in the world.

A leading edge approach to training based on gymnastics.

The training is designed to build strength & mobility throughout your entire body, with a unique focus on the health of your joints & connective tissue.

The training focuses on Mobility. Core. Strength  to develop a powerful, explosive, flexible and stable physical structure to become the athlete you know you can be.

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BodyTree Gymnastic Fitness

Dare To Be Different

The first and only studio in Singapore. We started operations in 2015 and within a short period we are recognised as a Fitness Best in Asia, winning the Best Maverick Studio Award in 2017.

We believe excellence is never an accident and there are no short cuts to a goal worth achieving.

We nurture high achievers to have them looking and performing at their peak.

Live an unrestricted life.

Lead. Inspire. And Change.



Being flexible is not enough.

Mobility is the ability to exhibit strength throughout your entire range of motion, which greatly increases joint strength and improves athletic performance.



                It's not just a flat stomach.                           

Aside from the aesthetically amazing abs gymnasts are known for, having a strong core means your entire body will be able to express strength more easily.



All muscle. No iron.

When it comes to bodyweight strength, gymnasts dominate all other athletes. Comprised of whole-body movements, exercises, and intense full body contractions, Gymnastic Fitness is supremely effective at building a solid, compact frame. Our strength training focuses on the development of a powerful, explosive, flexible, stable physical structure and can also address muscular imbalances that often limit a person's ability to training, or even to move well in life.

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